Jan 1                     First Sunday Show Phoenix, AZ

Jan 14-5                Steve Pattillo Show, Glendale/Anaheim CA

Jan 20-2                SANDICAL San Diego, CA

Feb 3-5                  ORCOEXPO Anaheim, Ca

Feb 24-26              ARIPEX Tucson, AZ

Mar 4                     First Sunday Show, Phoenix, AZ

Mar 9-11                ASDA Spring Show, Lombard, IL

Mar 16-18              ST. LOUIS STAMP EXPO St Louis, MO

Mar 24-5                FRESPEX, Fresno(Clovis) CA

April 1                    First Sunday Show Phoenix, AZ

April 21, 22             STEVE PATTILLO SHOWS Glendale/Anaheim, CA

April 27-29            WESTPEX San Francisco, CA

May 6                     First Sunday Show Phoenix, AZ

May 11-13              PIPEX Portland, OR

May 18-20              ROMPEX Denver, CO

May 25-27              COMPEX Arlington Hts., IL

June 1-3                  NAPEX McLean, VA

June 8-10                COLOPEX Columbus OH

June 22-24             AMERICAN TOPICAL ASSOC. Lancaster, PA

July 1                      First Sunday Show Phoenix, AZ

July 6-8                  ASDA Summer Stamp Show Burlingame, CA (SF Airport)

July 20-22              MINNESOTA STAMP EXPO Crystal, MN

Aug 4-5                  NSDA Midwest Show, Chicago (Niles) IL

Aug 16-19              APS Summer Show Sacramento, CA

Aug 25, 26             STEVE PATTILLO SHOWS, Glendale/Anaheim CA

Sept 2                     First Sunday Show Phoenix, AZ

Sept 8-9                 OMAHA STAMP SHOW, Omaha, NE

Sept 14-16             STEVE PATTILLO SHOW San Marino, CA

Sept 21-23             GREATER HOUSTON STAMP SHOW, Humble TX

Sept 28-30             POWPEX,  San Diego, CA

Oct 5-7                  SESCAL Los Angeles, CA

Oct 20-21               NEWMEXPEX, Rio Rancho (ABQ) NM

Oct 27-28               Walnut Creek, CA

Nov 3-4                  SACAPEX Sacramento, CA

Nov 10-11              MID-CITIES STAMP SHOW Grapevine, TX

Nov 16-18              CHICAGOPEX Chicago, IL

Nov 24-25              Kelly Inn, St. Paul MN

December              (a much needed vacation!)          

FUTURE SHOWS 2013 and later:

Jan 11-13 ORCOEXPO, Anaheim (Garden Grove) CA
Jan 17-19 2013 Louisville, KY APS Winter Show
March 1-3 2013 Texpex DFW-Grapevine TX
Mar 9-10, 2013 FRESPEX, Fresno, CA
Mar 22-4, 2013 St. Louis Stamp Expo
Mar 30-31 2012, Las Cruces NM
April 19-21 2013 Aripex, Mesa AZ
April 26-8 2013 Westpex CA
May 17-19, 2013 ROMPEX Denver, CO (Aurora)
May 24-6 2013 COMPEX Chicago (Arlington Heights)
May 31-June 2, 2013 NAPEX McLean VA

August 8-11 2013  Milwaukee WI APS Summer Show

Jan 24-6, 2014 Riverside, CA APS Winter Show
April 25-7, 2014 Westpex San Fran Ca
August 21-4 2014 Hartford, CT APS Summer Show
April 24-6, 2015 Westpex San Fran Ca
August 20-3, 2015 Grand Rapids, MI APS Summer Show
April 29 - May 1, 2016 Westpex San Fran Ca

May 22-June 4, 2016
New York World Show- International Philatelic Exhibition (The Major once-every-10-years International Show in the USA - Last one was Washington DC in 2006)